FindChaos is the ongoing graphic novel of A. Stiffler & K. Copeland

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FindChaos is an ongoing graphic novel by A. Stiffler & K. Copeland. FindChaos contains adult content, including violence, gore, religion, nudity, sexual situations, strong language and death.

It is intended for mature readers only.



Is This Comic Free To Read?

Yes, always! FindChaos is completely free to read. You can donate to its ongoing progress to help us put out more comics per week instead of spending time on other money-earning projects, but it’s not a requirement! Also, maybe turn off your AdBlock just for this site? Pretty please?

How Often Does the Comic Update?

Every week! Sometimes twice-weekly, if we can.

Who Makes This, Anyway?

A. Stiffler and K. Copeland. Stiffler handles the art, layout and general aesthetic planning. K. writes the scripts, plots out the storyline and writes dialogue. We are both character designers, world builders and collaborate on major plot points and page layouts. In a sense, it is a wholly mutual work.

How Many Chapters Will FindChaos Include?

Lots! The overarching storyline is long and there will be several side stories that come into play.

Arthur’s Father Is a Catholic Priest in Chapter 1, But Married?

Yes. We realized there’s generally a standard of celibacy (and therefore, no marriage) for Roman Catholic priests as things were getting fleshed out. The priest character fits into a loophole created in 1980 in which priests of slightly different denominations (ones that allow married priests, for example) can convert to Catholicism and retain their original marriage. It’s actually quite an irritation to other Catholic priests and one that this character actually chose to exploit in order to marry his childhood sweetheart. It’s all very romantic if you don’t look at the incestuous pedophilia thing with Arthur. And that clears up another FAQ!
I do assure you, however, another Catholic priest character later in the storyline does follow the traditional celibacy rule. And isn’t a creep.

Some of the dialogue is grammatically incorrect, can you fix that?

Thanks for noticing! And potentially not — you’re free to point out any mistakes, of course, but it was probably intentionally incorrect. For certain characters (especially Arthur) the dialogue is formatted to directly relate to their education level and background. Basically, it’s written from the perspective of an actual, complex person speaking it — not from the perspective of a dictionary reciting verse.

Some of the dialogue is in another language, can you fix that?

Some of the characters speak multiple languages, and sometimes it’s better to have the dialogue in its original language rather than >brackets< that denote a separate language for the sake of other characters not comprehending (i.e., if Fragile speaks Creole, Mary may understand, but Arthur definitely doesn’t). In the interest of being true to their interactions, dialogue won’t be adjusted to be English-only in these situations. There are translations at the bottom of each page for any non-English dialogue. If you’ve found dialogue without translations, feel free to contact us! We’ll get it fixed right away.

Is Gaki British?

Yes. Painfully so.

Is Fragile French?

No. Fragile is Haitian Creole. The “French” she speaks is actually New Orleans based Creole and/or Kreyol, and is either directly and purposely Haitian/Creole in nature, or phonetically spelled to emphasize her dialect and accent, just like Gaki’s slightly Cockney accent.  K. Copeland grew up in New Orleans, learning Creole, and Stiffler attended a French Immersion school for years — so we’re both versed in proper French and in the Creole language we’re representing in the comic — it’s not just a lot of incorrect French, don’t worry!

Is Ken Chinese?

No, he’s Japanese. More about him will be revealed later.

How old is everyone?

You’ll have to wait to find out, sorry!

Is This a Christian/Preachy Comic?

Nope! While FindChaos’ main character is devoutly Catholic, that doesn’t reflect the authors’ sentiments. FindChaos actually has and will focus on many different religions, and the characters run the gamut of personal faiths or lack thereof. Simply put: there’s no religious agenda.

When will this comic be available as a printed version?

Hopefully, soon! It takes a lot of work (and money) to self-publish! We’re already planning on it and I can safely say the printed version will have extra content, so perhaps it will be worth the wait!

What do you use to draw these comics?

Pencil, paper, a kneaded eraser and a bit of time in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Intuos4.

Can I use one of your comics?

Please don’t steal! Stealing is bad. If you’re not making profit from it, and you give FindChaos proper credit with a link back to this specific site, then that’s fine (i.e., posting on Reddit, reblogging on Tumblr, sharing on Twitter, linking on FB, or reviews etc. are a-okay — all with proper attribution). Just notify us to let us know where it is, please.

Do you take commissions?

Check out A.’s Commission Page to see if commissions are open! You’ll find all of the pertinent information there, too! I don’t work for free, so please don’t ask.

How Do I Contact You?

You can contact us via any of our social media, site comments (newly allowed!) or shoot us an e-mail! We try to answer any questions left in the comments section, but sometimes miss some or feel the questions can’t or shouldn’t be answered yet (spoilers)! Still, we try to do our best!

Why Haven’t You Answered My E-Mail?

We answer all professional (i.e., commission or other work-related, including inquiries for interviews, invitations to speak at public forums, etc.) e-mails within 7 days of receiving them, on average. If you haven’t heard back from us, yours may have been marked as spam — try sending it again or telling us what to look out for! Anything else may be lost in the fray, sorry! We used to be super awesome at answering back every single person that sent us an e-mail, but unfortunately, these days we’d be doing nothing but answering such sweet folks and not getting any other work done! Still, we appreciate any correspondence and always make sure to at least give them a once-over! If you still feel ignored, you can always reach us on our public social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, and we’ll do our best to help you out or answer any lingering questions! 🙂


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