Unkindness Page 39

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  1. Raul

    What O_O!?

  2. gaabs

    what did jusp happen?

  3. futuredirected

    Ummm… uhh… huh!

    Whatever that is, it was well rendered!

  4. Ethan

    f*cking metal

  5. Zero Arcana (@ZeroArcana)

    Good riddance.

  6. CT

    This is what we in the bizz call a “Nope” moment.

    The proper response is to say “Nope” and leave the area as quickly as possible and then drop around 500 kilos of Napalm on the area.

    • Rukami

      I like this plan.

    • LeDayz

      No wonder Edward was like “You know what? Nope. Can not even.” in the last page.

  7. Sunstone

    Well. That golem is the stuff of nightmares. *shudders*

  8. repkid

    he didn’t look like he was made of clay
    Great episode though!

  9. Xopher (@pricekr)


  10. eqnea

    Mary´s face like “I may want to take back what I just said…”

  11. arbortrary

    I agree very deeply with Mary’s outburst two pages ago. However, while she is right in general, I think she may be wrong in the specific…

  12. Rev

    Well damn.

    I actually liked Rose.

  13. Corrie

    That, uh, got intense. No wonder Edward just kind of “Noped” away in the last panel…the golem looks pretty cool though! Wait, “golems”? So more than one? Rose apparently DIDN’T let them out? So many questions-I need to stop looking so far into this and just wait until the next panel…

    • C

      I wonder what she thought that button did, if not release them?

  14. Amber

    Me: Let’s see if Find Chaos has updated this week. Ah! Wonderful. Why, what’s this? My own fear urine? Capital!

  15. Ladybug

    I think I just shit a brick…

  16. austinuity

    I want Fragile to “accidentally” die, so that emotional trauma!

  17. DarkoNeko

    That looks like an unconfortable position.

  18. Cat Man
    Cat Man

    -shudders- reminds me of Gluttony from FMA… Scary!!

  19. Roberta :3
    Roberta :3

    It was …mmh…nice to meet you I guess .-.

  20. Kimmy-cub

    Whooooooa had no idea there were golems like these. Usually they’re just the hulking-rock-pile or something like that.

  21. Elijah

    Yes this is exactly what I wanted for Mary, the look on her face was like, I might want to take that speech back right about know, or oh shit I’m a fucking idiot. I’m just like national geographic, watch and hold still, yes there you cans see the exact moment where reality smacks her in the gut and really lets her have it. I don’t know if I’m just cruel but I died laughing at her expression. Also that is a very nice twist to a golem, very original and over all a genuine surprise since I thought the golem was C.E. going ballistic.

    Over all this page made me very happy for the future of this webcomic and just makes me want to watch in order to see how Mary develops and handles the reality of her situation. I think she is strong and she can handle it but at the same time she has weak traits that include wanting to deny deny deny and judging people before getting a full story first. So i want to see if she does have a mental break or not, that’d be fun to watch. Okay I’m not that mean but honestly dislike naive people who just live in their tiny little bubble and refuse to understand that reality isn’t black and white.

    • Elijah

      Also i really don’t feel sorry that, the red head died(can’t really remember her name). Though I’m sure she believed she had a point, she let her emotions cloud her better judgement and could have potentially unleashed a big threat to the world just because she was feeling some type of way towards C.E.. I really hate when people have an issue with someone yet they take it out on everyone but the person. If she hated C.E. so much there was a way to go after her without jumping hoops and trying to be sneaky only to get people hurt in the end. In a real life situation like say an actual prison, letting all the prisoners out just so you can get away is probably the dumbest thing you could possibly do. So to be honest good riddance. Once again I’m done analyzing fictional characters, until next time i guess.

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