Additional Notes for FindChaos:

Page 7: The image of Arthur’s father on this page has two things that are important to his character: his priest uniform and his wedding ring, both in a very parochial shot. We realized there’s generally a standard of celibacy (and therefore, no marriage) for Roman Catholic priests as things were getting fleshed out. His character fits into a loophole created in 1980 in which priests of slightly different denominations (ones that allow married priests, for example) can convert to Catholicism and retain their original marriage. It’s actually quite an irritation to other Catholic priests and one that this character deliberately chose to exploit in order to be able to marry. It’s important to show both him in his priest uniform and with his wedding ring for us because it shows how far he would go in order to get what he wants and to establish his character more. Even though he has no dialogue in Chapter 1, we get a sense of what kind of man he is through his actions, which, after all, is what men of the cloth tell us: Actions speak louder than words.