Additional Notes for FindChaos:
Page 16: Lye: The Wonder Substance. Lye is used in a range of ways, from curing olives to washing clothes, so lye is readily available in large quantities without raising any flags. Not so with heavy duty acids, which are often flagged as bomb-making material and leaves a foul order when used. The best way to dispose of a large piece of meat (other than a pig farm) is to submerge it in a solution of water and lye and heat it to speed up the break-down of proteins. The resulting ‘stew’ is commonly regarded as coffee-like in appearance. Once drained, one will be left with brittle fragments of bone, which can be crumbled easily between fingertips.

Bathtubs, in particular the enameled cast iron variety, hold heat well and can even be heated from the outside with no or very little damage to the surface. Gaki’s special talent would allow him to heat a bathtub in this manner very rapidly and with no additional tools or kindling. However, large metal buckets (ones that easily fit in a trunk, say) could be used in place of an old fashioned bathtub. The prevalence of bathtubs with plastic surrounds in these days must be an irritation in his line of work.

Gauze in mouth.