Unkindness Page 15

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  1. mikk

    His mother was Bioshock’s Elisabeth.

  2. Kristin Patrice (@MsKPatrice)

    The detail you use is incredible. I love looking at the architecture and even that runner is just… wow! The last panel is stunning as well.

  3. Roberta :3
    Roberta :3

    Poor dad :c

  4. madock

    Wow. This got really intense, really fast. Fantastic job on this page, so much information and emotion conveyed very quickly and cleanly. I feel awful for Raven’s parents already, and we just met them.

  5. L.G Geoffrey
    L.G Geoffrey

    A very intense page!
    You sure seem to like mansions. Even though it is not as large as Riley’s, I think one can still feel the research work you’ve done in order to create your own mansion, once again.

  6. futuredirected

    Wow! This is gorgeous! A feast for the eyes… and for Raven, apparently. I don’t think I could eat my parents. I think Mom would be tough and stringy. Dad would be fatty and bitter. I can think of a number of other people that I wouldn’t mind having in my mouth, but that’s another matter entirely.

  7. futuredirected

    You named her Poppy? Pounce on Pop!

  8. Claywind

    (*completely drowned into the art, style, pace and dialogue, absolutely stunned in front of this piece of angst and suspense when suddenly:*)
    -Poppy ! Poppy ?
    (*burst out in laughter*)
    You. Are. Geniuses.

  9. Maah

    oh my god. And this is the end nooooooooooooooooooooooo need more of this

  10. B.

    I love how badass his father is *-*

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