Hey, the first time our two comics have had a crossover post!

We decided that this year’s Hourly Comic Day (back on on Feb. 1st) should have a little twist since you guys technically see our lives pretty much 365 days a year — why not someone else for a change? And since our Hourlies have traditionally been posted on ChaosLife, we decided not to break with tradition. Likewise, since it’s a little aside for FindChaos, it seemed silly not to post it there, too, despite the break with traditional continuity.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! And in case you’re just staring at the screen, thinking, “what the fuck…” then here, have our favorite Peter gif:


Due to popular demand, you can now own Gaki’s TEA-REX mug from the Hourlies! It’s also available on loads of other things, if you don’t mind puns without context.