Did you catch our Picarto stream a few nights ago while we were wrapping up this comic? We’ll be doing more of that soon and perhaps even on Twitch (amongst other things), so keep an eye out on social media for when we announce ’em! And if you’re a Patreon Patron, you get the heads-up first for scheduled streams, as well as the opportunity to request the format, ask questions, and maybe even snag a tutorial or two! Oooooh…


By the way, have you seen the venue for our Queerest Wedding Ever? Check it out!

We were blown away by this place (and how amazingly nice its caretakers are), so we really can’t wait for you guys to see it in person! By the way, have you RSVPed, yet? We need to know if you can make it (and a few other details) so that we can start sending out invites! It’s a finite space that only so many people can fit in, so your best chance at getting an invite is to RSVP ASAP!

No idea what we’re talking about or just want to contribute? Check out all of the current info on our GoFundMe page!