Additional Notes for FindChaos:
Page 16: Main arteries were cut into for bloodletting on Mary (arteriotomy), mostly in longitudinal incisions. The jugular (throat), the radial & ulnar (wrist(s)), femoral (inner thigh) and popliteal (ankle(s)) were all let, with the wrists being first. Quite honestly, if the characters present had any hint of human biology, they would have cut into the femoral artery first and let her bleed out, probably in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, neither of them are doctors or anywhere close to it and this incident is probably more slap-dash than it is well thought out medical knowledge. Still, even with the femoral artery slashed, it usually takes purposeful and forceful pumping of the heart (by a second party) to truly ‘drain’ someone of most of their blood.
And that’s your lesson for the day.
Also, that you shouldn’t drink before cutting yourself open (Riley). Alcohol thins the blood and makes one bleed out faster. If that’s something you want, fine. If not, think twice before getting that tattoo or piercing while drunk.
(In truth, Abby probably had to hold the artery in Mary’s wrist/other places open at one point for Riley to be able to bleed into her like that. Bodies are full of sticky that sticks to itself. But that would be less aesthetically pleasing than this scene.)