Additional Notes for FindChaos:
Chapter 5: What Has Changed?

Cover: A Passover Seder dinner is in the background of this image, with the ceremonial hand washing in the foreground. With all of the twisted religious imagery already in FindChaos covers, we didn’t think this one would cause much of a stir. After all, that could be tomato juice on her hands.
What has changed?‘ is “ma nishtanah” in Hebrew, taken from the first line of a traditional Passover Seder song that asks four questions. The questions are usually asked by the youngest person or a child at the table, to provoke insightful answers from their elders and explain the rituals and customs of their traditions during this holy meal, which differs from all of their other meals so significantly. It can also be used in an ironic sense by Jewish youth to dodge their parent’s meddling. In example: “Why did you come home smelling so oddly?” Answer: “What has changed?“.