Don’t forget to eat…

Hey there, long time no see! Did you miss a little creepiness in your day? FindChaos has been on hiatus for a while because of health issues* (no, not even Patreon got updates for it) since it was a more labor-intensive story that we didn’t want to compromise or change out of necessity. We missed it a hell of a lot. Fortunately, we’re back and excited to resume updating! We hope you’re just as excited to see what happens next as we are. Nice seeing you again!

* We’ve discussed them at length on most of our platforms, but in essence, K developed epilepsy and we’ve been trying to cope with still-uncontrolled symptoms. More on that below.

While I have your attention, I would like to mention that we’re running a fundraiser to help K adopt a service dog for her epilepsy. I want to thank everyone who’s been so generous, even simply by helping to spread the word. Please take a glance for more info!

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