Kouman ou ya?

How are you?

Happy Holidays, everyone! As a little treat, we’ve been putting together a playlist of songs to accompany the comic (including several that have “appeared” in the comic so far). It’s going to continue getting updated as time goes on, so be sure to keep an ear out! You’ll need Spotify to access the music, but no worries: it’s totally free! (Unless you’re on a mobile device. 😐 Sorry, Future People.)

And for those of you who (by country or preference) are without Spotify, or simply want to see some goddamned awesome music videos with your music, we have also added a YouTube playlist of (almost entirely) the same tracks!

We hope everyone has a great end to their year and we’re looking forward to a happy start to the next! Though don’t worry, we’ll still be back before it’s all over.